Adentro Designs is paid for all time on the job, including initial consultations. For full-service projects, we prefer to quote a flat fee. This fee is based on the number of hours it should take to complete your project. For example, a typical living room design would take around 20-35 hours of design time, shopping time, and install time. However, you may not need as much work done and we would work on an hourly rate. We like to quote a flat fee so that you know what your decorating costs will be. We will make every effort not to exceed allotted hours; however, in some instances, extenuating circumstances such as client changes, design plan modifications, installation delays, etc. will cause overage. We believe strongly in open communication and there will never be any surprises when it comes to invoicing. Also, Adentro Designs is able to establish accounts and receive retail discounts only available to the trade. This saves you money.

For all projects requiring an assistant/handyman, a $65/hr rate will apply. For example, we can change out light fixtures, hang pictures, hang curtain rods, install cabinet hardware, etc. For those jobs such as painting, construction, crown molding, etc., we’ve got a great list of contractors with whom we work.

Average design hours:
**All averages, below, are based on full-service design. This includes securing and managing contractors, project management, design plans, material selections, ordering, installation, administrative functions, etc.

~Kitchen Remodel
20-35 hours

~Design plan, shopping, scheduling contractors and install of an average living room
20-35 hours

~Bedroom design
12-20 hours

~Renovating a bathroom
25-30 hours

After setting up an initial consultation, we will give you a written proposal and material estimates. We believe strongly in communicating what to expect before ever starting a project!